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How to eliminate Jealousy?

How to eliminate jealousy: jealousy is a very harmful psychological. The envious person is more painful than any unfortunate, because the happiness of others makes him great pain; When compared with the others, will find themselves more unfortunate, unfortunate unbearable. Jealousy is not only hinder the interaction between the students and to the jealous bring a great deal of psychological pain, and even serious damage to the physical and mental health. Therefore, teachers and students should be conscious of a sense of jealousy exchanges adjustment, so reducing. The jealousy regulation contains two aspects: one is how to adjust their sense of jealousy, on the other hand also need to be adjusted by jealousy. The encounter both cases, try the following methods:
1) conscious attention regulation to their own strengths and each other’s weaknesses. When someone jealous, always others attracted to advantage in some respects, precisely in this regard at a disadvantage, this difference is the jealous sense of important reasons. However, we have not noticed in some respects superior to the other. If conscious of the “center of gravity” of regulation, based on their own merits, the original psychological imbalance will make a new balance, this balance will undoubtedly stabilize your emotions and feelings.
2) take the initiative to communicate with each other. By jealousy, many people tend to discontent which make interpersonal increasingly difficult. In fact, you may wish to help each other to adjust the center of attention, and help them to see their own strengths, so he got a psychological compensation to weaken or eliminate their jealousy.
3) try to eliminate the threat of psychological, but also one of the effective methods for regulating social jealousy. The reason why people envy a person (or someone jealous), largely because some of the advantages of the others (or advantage) in certain areas to give you (or others) caused some threat. In fact, the sense of this threat is not confident performance. To eliminate this threat, the establishment of self-confidence, and will achieve the purpose of regulating jealousy. Its methods are varied, for example, of the power of jealousy for the sake of progress, to catch up with even more than of each other’s advantages. Weaknesses, superior than the other inferior, to obtain the total balance.
4) improve the cultivation, broaden their horizons. Serious jealousy is often short-sighted, narrow minded. When dealing with people, like to let all want him; When not become a social center, we are not satisfied, even temper; liked everything praised by others, but rarely praise others; hear the good news of others unhappy; emotionally unstable, susceptible to outside influence, and so on. If we can learn more about knowledge, improve their self-cultivation, to correctly understand and treat others or their own strengths and weaknesses, and conscious of each others progress as a necessary pursuit of a better life, rather than a threat who .
In addition, should also be aware of the jealousy harm. Because it is a bad mood, both endanger human relationships, may damage their own health. This understanding will also be conducive to the elimination of jealousy。

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