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What shall we do with children’s jealousy

Parents often ask:” what shall we do with children’s jealousy. ” In fact , children often compare them with others. Proper comparison makes them find other’s merits and their defects while improper comparison results children’s jealousy when them just ignore other’s merits and believe they are best. Jealousy is one of human nature weakness. Negative jealousy harms the healthy growth of children, which needs us to help them get over it.

1. Encourage the child to actively into the competition and contest. Envy or ignore other’s success and achievements rather than turn the negative jealousy into power to participate the competition and contest. It can inspire children from their own advantage proceed with, drive full-scale development, to redouble their efforts to narrow the distance between each other, or catch up with others.

2.  Guide the children to respect and treat others. Make children understand the good of others, learn to appreciate others and much appreciate the view of others’ shining point, which avoids causing jealousy spread. If the spread of jealousy affects the feelings between people, it will make them terribly fatigued, which harms both themselves and others.

3.  Let the children place themselves in others’ position. By the time the children envy, remind them to consider the feelings of others, think about what you should do and what will result in when it is done. By the means of emotional experience, make children dispel the jealous heart shadow consciously.

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