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How to overcome Inferiority complex

 How to overcome Inferiority complex if I have the inferiority complex? This problem has plagued many people.The following is a question form a consultant:what can I do if I have the inferiority complex?

  Maybe I have an abnormal psychology.I want to consulting a psychiatrist all along, and I made my wish come true today,I will show my symptoms to you.I grew up in a poor family,I admired the dress of my contemporaries when I was young,so I always thought I was inferior to them.I married a rich man when I grown up,since then I had just a little comfort in the mind.However,this is a flash in the pan,2 years later,my husband dead in a car accident,and my inferiority complex recrudesced.I thought others looked down on me,felt that I have a bad luck.When I saw the acquaintances,I always got away from them. Sometimes I met colleagues and acquaintances,I said “hello” to them ,but they were neither hot nor cold, I’d feel sad for a while, and secretly swear I will never greet them(and I really have been later ). I dare not sit and chat face to face with others(when walking or working).I often feel others are paying attention to me,and do not know how to put hands and feet, how to swing in the right way.Always do not twist at odds of uncomfortable.I always had a sense of fear and tension to someone I quarrel with or my enemy.I had a feeling of panic in the mind when I went through the place they work at.

  When I heard noise inside from outdoor,there is a feeling of worship,Doubt it is about me or not.Do this symptoms relate to inferiority complex?if the answer is “yes”,what should i do, please write back to me .

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