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How to Do if Children Feel Self-abased? Method to Overcome Children-Inferiority

How to do if children feel self-abased? That is the confusion of many parents. The following is a parents’ questions.

A parent from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province wrote to say: My son is a third-grade pupil whose grade point is average, we never blame him, but he is depressed,having no good friends and unhappy all day. He never takes the initiative to join in sports competitions, entertainment competitions, speech contests and other activities,and get more and more introverted. We are very worried, and I do not know how to do ,so I write a letter to ask.

A: It seems that your son is a bit self-abased and not confident. But do not worry, low self-esteem and not confident is acquired, which means they can be changed. The following recommendations are for your reference.

1,Do not take a child’s weaknesses to compare with the strengths of others. Or that will make kids think he(or she) is stupid, not as good as others, and his(or her) weaknesses will become a heavy psychological burden.

2,Try to find the child’s strengths. Every child has its own characteristics and advantages. We should pay attention to find its advantages and little progress, and praise him(or her) timely. Strengthen the hope and courage that he make more and greater achievements,and the inferiority complex will gradually eliminate.

3,Guide the children make self-evaluation properly. Let the kids make positive, correct, objective evaluation of their own, face up to themselves, believe in themselves, and give full play to their own strengths and potential. And teach children to treat others’ evaluation and expectations of them correctly and overcome their inferiority complex.

4,Help children to change their image.Start to change their mind from changing their volume of speaking and walking posture. Strutting manners and neat dress can improve their confidence too.

How to do if children feel self-abased? To this problem, as long as we have the patience and perseverance, the child’s inferiority complex will be eliminated one day.

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