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What can we do about unrequited love? How can people get out of one-sided love?

How can people get out of one-sided love? 14 years old to 18 of boys and girls, are in adolescence, special love indulge in fantasy, but they are not good at self control, it is one-sided love “multiple age”. Unrequited love feelings are sincere, intense, want to take lingering marveling sometimes is difficult, but if make emotional attachment down, vulnerable to heavy damage. As time passes, disappointment, resentment, inferiority, stubborn, sadness… A wide variety of psychological will appear, psychological imbalance, light person will gradually lead to compulsive neuropathy, the person that weigh lead to optimal bipolar disorder. Therefore, in this aspect also needs to protect themselves. Only early make himself out in the swirl of unrequited love, can have happy and healthy life. A lot of deep unrequited love girl, hearts are full of contradictions and pain, but can’t control his feelings, often in the rational and emotional fluctuations between. Trap people unrequited love of boys and girls how to get rid of this kind of emotional problems? ∃ at this moment, the need to change an Angle to find “way”. Step response method.

1, objective evaluation and analysis with each other’s true relationship. Unrequited love person must first understand each other and their is no relationship, the other party doesn’t love oneself, this step is the most important.

2, unrequited love is “FIG”. To recognize this paragraph of feeling to you is not appropriate, and you are not have the result. If drag on, it will only increase each other pain, this way decided can make further solutions.

3, increase the space and time distance, dilute emotions. Temporarily forget not to drop this paragraph of feeling is very normal, you need time. But do remember, don’t continue to date with him or he on the phone. Although you can’t control their emotions, but you must learn to control their own behavior slowly. If you have to together, and his dialogue, to use honorific. Before you leave often party place, avoid again. As far as possible to avoid contact with each other, take affection silk. Unrequited love happen, mainly because of contact and communication with each other, subjective concoction, exaggerated each other’s strengths. To get rid of unrequited love, should be less contact with each other, avoid to produce all kinds of fantasy.

4, don’t say for oneself. The feelings of complexity is sometimes also difficult to grasp, love hate mixed is very normal. Understand a truth and conflict of interest is not difficult, difficult is learn to control your feeling. Don’t borrow some special day, such as the birthday, valentine’s day, with each other again contact, otherwise you will let yourself go down the drain.

5, cleaning and he related items. See things think love is human, a small gift will cause your memory and fantasy. His every item can affect your heart, call you to his thoughts. So, in a timely manner, “site-clearing” is a good way.

6, list each other’s shortcomings. People in the pursuit of a certain things and can’t get, in order to dilute their inner uneasy, for his failure to find a reason, often will detract from each other, to comfort themselves.

7, do some meaningful things. When you’re ready to leave him, inferiority and feelings of failure will make you feel the pain. At this time, might as well a natural and unrestrained, and friends to go shopping to buy some clothes, or to the fitness. These behaviors can help restore your confidence. In addition, do something you really care about or interested in things, can only be available and unrequited love is you really interested in things. Do you like to work in bring you great joy, thus compensation you lost the joy and confidence.

And as soon as possible, attention to the study. Unrequited love is because feelings for people too much, often out of practice school as soon as possible, therefore, the attention to yourself more interested in things up. Like to listen to music, read a couple of the biographies… And other emotional calmed down, they should put their attention to study up. Only do well in our studies, for his next career choice, lay a good foundation to make psychological get balance.

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