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How to focus on studying?

The efficiency of memory and learning effect, is not simply depends on how much the number of learning, but that learning can be highly concentrated his attention. So, how to focus on studying?

1, keep strong learning motivation. Psychology think, in the study can be bone, the key lies in whether have a strong learning motivation. Learning motivation is driving us to engage in learning activities of the internal power, the internal motivation and learning enthusiasm, learning effect has a very close relationship between. Generally speaking, learning motivation is clear, the more intense, learning the enthusiasm is higher. Have strong motivation, clear purpose, learning is the power and the direction, can do concentration, the determination, actively learn to finish the task.

2, cultivate strong study interest. Interest is the source of attention. The interest in learning the more thick, more widely and more stable, more can cause high concentration of attention. All the achievements of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign people, they are engaged in the work to have the strong interest. Newton’s study physics, ecstasy to their own can not distinguish exactly to eat not to eat levels; Pasteur’s heart do biological experiment, has forgotten his wedding day. It is strong interest, make these scientist settle down to conquer the difficulties. A student, as long as there is a strong study interest, study will concentrate, devotion, such natural will receive good memory effect.

3, good at self-control. In order to focus, concentrate, we must be good at self-control. The so-called self-control is in order to achieve the purpose of learn our lessons, restrain oneself, make oneself of the mental activity is centered and keep on learning, in order to receive the good memory effect. Absorption ability, can through the practice consciously training and exercise. British philosopher bacon once said that, heal the attention is not centralized “defect”, can use calculus to the math problem. Because calculus must concentrate. Our country young mathematician YangLe, ZhangGuangHou, childhood have adopted quick do exercises method, the strict training his concentration. They start to problem sets, from environment and self interference, and they don’t care for.

4, and fight against interference. In the learning process, we often can be affected by a variety of factors, the influence of interference concentration. A kind of interference by internal causes, such as mood not good, fatigue, such as the most; Another kind of interference is the external causes, such as the environment, such as bad, outside temptation.

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