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How to relieve pressure?

If  college students’ psychological pressure is too serious ,they must seek Psychological doctor for help,if the psychological pressure is not serious ,they can also relieve it by the means of self-regulation. How to relieve pressure? Here are several ways below for college students to relieve psychological pressure:

1.develop the habit of relaxing yourself

  A person is always in the state of being nervous is actually a habit,similarly,relaxing can also become a person’shabit.relaxing can change the bad influence from the pressure,and finally improve the state of body and mind.wherever you are ,when you feel the pressure ,you had better relax your muscle and nerve;otherwise,thepressure will gradually accumulated day after day,resulting in the loss that can’t save. 

2.arrange proper exercise and rest

Devoting yourself to your favorite sport, can make you enjoy yourself,feel free ,excited,is good for relieving thepressure of body and mind.but you should pay attention to not making yourself too tired,having a rest appropriately,only when you have a good rest ,can you have have enough energy to deal pressure.

3.develop a good dietary habit

  Some food can influence peoples’ emotion, such as ,magnesium in the banana can allay tiredness , reduce nervousness,increase the quality of sleep,the chocolate can ease the emotion of nervousness temporarily ,make one

feel excited,but long time eating can bring bad effects; bad habit such as Smoking 、Alcoholism 、Overeating is more harmful than good when dealing with pressure. good at controlling time

  Promoting the way of using time ,can make people avoid crisis and pressure from it ,make people have the sense of achievement and the sense of relaxing.this include two problems:”what should I do to use my time?” and “how to use the time more appropriate?”First of all,keep writing the time that be used every day,a week later list the time used to sleep ,relax,make friends,sleep separately ,you should allocate your time to fit your lifestyle . to use the time more appropriately ,you must start frome making a schedule ,knowing what things should be done at first,what things can be delayed ,and you will not feel sorry for the opportunity lost and the work unfinished and will not feel disoriented by all kinds of trivia.

  There are many ways to relieve psychological pressure,we can try several ways that fit ourselves,it is good for the psychological health.

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