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Three tips about how to manage your pressure

Three tips about how to manage your pressure
Pressure is also called stress, which is a kind of physical and mental stress of the inner feelings. When we face challenges, treat and the gap between our own resources and requirements, it will come about. Pressure comes from lots of changes in our daily lives, such as bereft of one’s spouse, divorce, death of one’s relative, illness and so on. All of them will bring about pressure. However, good things such as marriage, pregnancy, awards and promotion, also bring about pressure, because you will face a new situation which is totally different from before.

Learn to manage your pressure. In the life of modern society, stress is a companion of people’s life, different stages in everyone’s life will encounter different pressures, so how to coexist with the pressure reflects people’s ability to adapt to society.

Managing pressure is a system engineering. The first level is physiological decompression. You can do some sports, regulate respiration or meditate to let your body relax. The second level is psychological decompression: 1.Change your attitude to be optimistic, think about what you gain instead of what you lose. 2. Evaluate yourself properly, do not overestimate or underestimate your ability. 3. Don’t schedule your time too full. You should learn about how to manage time and leave room, otherwise you can’t deal with them when there are too many things. The third level is social support. Set up a good interpersonal relationship. No one can solve all the problem on his own, but if there are a lot of people who care about us, our families and friends, with the comprehension and company of them, we can overcome the pressure more easily.

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