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what makes a person happy

what makes a person happy 1, laugh, make happiness
Even if is the mood is very low, you can also try this method. Make a smiley face, keep two minutes. Scientific research has proved that, as long as it is really laugh, try to laugh people will feel happy, too high emotions, feeling will become better and better. Even if your original and don’t want to laugh, it does not feel happy.
2, solve the problem, don’t complain
Continue to complain about your problems is a can make you depressed method. If you want to find out a way to solve the problem, talk about your problem is good, but let themselves become an event of Diva will only make you continue to harbor negative attitudes and again and again was mentioned it, unbearable its interference. And, it is said, a loud complain a sigh, let your instant mood depressed.
3, listen to music, hum songs
Clinical medicine in British London Connaught Randolph Robbins Music Therapy Center home said that singing is the simplest way to improve mood, because singing can adjust the breath, the whole body are moving along to the rhythm. Whether it is humming to himself or with friends sing, even just listen, help to relax your body.
4, relax and enjoy the fun.
Work less, worry less, get out of the way and enjoy your free time, and have fun. This will make you less depressed, connect with others and improve your overall health.
5, stop judging others
Studies have shown that continue to judge others and their behavior is a super self-criticism proof. In order to live more comfortable, don’t judge yourself is good or bad, give yourself a break and admitted you are human. Nobody’s perfect!
6, do not seek perfection
In real life there is no perfect, so trying to reach the high standard is a waste of time. Instead, make more realistic goals and let nature take its course – this will make your life more happy.
7, accept what you can’t change.
For example, your height, your skin color, the fact that you did not win the lottery and you did not become the Oscar winning actress and so on. This will make you feel better, and make you have a positive attitude towards the future.
8, learn to say “no””
This refers to when you can not solve the would not have continued to try to be brave. If anything said “yes”, then you will because everyone depend on you and overwhelmed, exhausted and become a victim of the.
9, let the past be the past.
Includes errors, cheating boyfriend, you have done a foolish thing – draw lessons and move forward, rather than always remind yourself of these things, and allow them to drag you down.
10, break something
Indulge their smashed pottery. This for your mind and body are good. Obviously, one-third of hypertensive patients often repressed anger. Experts say, better way is let it vent out, rather than hold in our hearts!
11. Do something you love.
Enjoyment of some studies found doing something you like, or shopping, or a waste of time, help to improve the efficiency of your immune system and release mental tension and improve the level of serotonin in the brain.

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