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six symbols of stress

six symbols of stress
Pressure will tell you that “it arrives at you”through some subtle signs .Recently,The Huffington .Postin American concluded six signs of pressure.
1.You hear the noises that other people don’t hear.As the research,tinnitus relates with stress.If you are anxious and worried,you will hear the ringing and so on.But others can’t hear .
2.The people who are Talkative become quiet.Clinical psychologist Susan Evens in the United States demonstrates,stress can make people excited ,but can also make they flinch and be not confident .The research indicates,only watching thirty minutes depressing movies can make it more difficult to complete vocabulary association tasks.
3.Others sneeze, but they have a cold.Research published in the American Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates,People who are under great pressure will double the risk of having a cold ,when exposed to a common cold virus ,and once virus penetrated the body,
will produce more conducive to inflammation
of the compound,make the running nose, sneezing
and other symptoms more serious.
4.constipation.Stand ford Medical College stress and health center’s director David .Spiegel said,because the body shifts the energy to the more needed organs and systems to protect the living,when a person under high pressure,food in the digestive system will stop running, so as to induce constipation.
5.Have a nightmare.Yale University stress center’s director Dr. Singh raghitta demonstrates,When a person is under great pressure,he will have Parasomnias,including sleepwalking ,nightmares and so on.It is because when a person is under great pressure,and sympathetic nervous system under high tension suppress the body’s calm system
play a role.
6.Numb hands,New York ‘s internist Dr. Phillips Halley said that People who work under pressure,often bear heavy, tight neck and shoulder discomfort.When they in great pressure,This tension will lead to arm specific nerve bundle contraction the hand and arm numbness appeared.So When using a computer or mobile phone,you had better pay attention to correct sitting posture.
If you lean forward,you will make the situation worsen.

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