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6 ways to ease Working stress

6 ways to ease Working stress
In today’s high speed life, struggling for their careers, women are under great stress. As an office lady, if you want to relief your stress in a proper way, you need to learn some small ways. These decompression ways and skills can make women’s lives and careers smoother and healthier.

6 small methods to relief working stress

1.Slow down your pace

Facing with the world around varying from minute to minute, the stress women undertake increases day and day. Playing the roles of wife, daughter, mother and employee, many women live working lives as chased by a big tiger, trying to stop but in vain in this fast train of life. Having experienced the sorrow of losing some of good friends recently, have saw the tragedy of passing away in their 30s and 40s, I have really felt the importance of ease the work fatigue and stress. Therefore please try to slow down the pace of working and try to do everything a little slower. Except adjusting working pace, try to slow down the pace of walking, speaking, driving, and eating.

2.Lower your own aim

Women can’t sacrifice her health and happiness for work and study. Your CPA, MBA and the wish to promote were not the purpose of the life but were the actions to make the living quality a step up. I think you don’t need to set a too high goal but to achieve phased targets step by step and spare some leisure time for yourself to enjoy happiness. Because even if you are successful, you are not certainly happy in other one’s eyes. Whether you are happy or not completely decides on your own feeling.

3.Try not to bring works home

Try not to take work home from work. Unless have no choice, don’t work in home more than 2 days a week. You can make a list 2h before getting off work every day to make preparations for off-duty. Make out which work must be finished today and which work can be left to tomorrow. So you will have enough time to accomplish task and reduce the worries about work.

4.Keep energetic in the office

Fighting in the office every day, you should especially pay attention to keeping energetic in the office. Please keep good sitting posture to prevent cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra diseases. Keeping chest out while walking can not only keep fit but also make you refreshed, vibrant and energetic. After lunch, don’t sit there without moving, try to use the time of pouring water, pouring the coffee, printing and sending a fax to get some exercise. When to look for colleague, please walk by yourself instead of calling or mailing. Avoid behave emotionally in the work and make some friends in the office and chat properly. Sometimes they will help you to exclude the difficulty and anxiety. They are good friends to put out.

5.Protect your alimentary system

With respect to male, female’s alimentary system is easier to get disease. Under the same pressure, eating the same food, female need more time than male to digest it. Therefore the possibility to come down with chronic constipation and gastrointestinal diseases of women is higher than that of men. Sisters, we should understand this weakness and strengthen the protection of the healthy weakness of our alimentary system.

6.Enjoy the SPA to relax

The original meaning of SPA is hydrotherapy. I’d like to classify all relaxing activities to SPA. If you go to professional care center, you may enjoy the beauty, slimming, warm, bath, acupuncture, aromatic essential oil massage, body parts of the care and maintenance and so on services. These service can really help you to relieve fatigue and relax body and mind. But if you don’t have time to go the professional place, you completely can make yourself at home to create a SPA atmosphere. Take a 20 minute meditation first to let all worry thoughts precipitate slowly; then take a hot bath, let the fragrance of the oil spread throughout your body, despite the anxiety, and sip a cup of tea. It’s really a relaxed from inside to outside, if you haven’t tried it yet.

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