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Three advantages of dreaming

Three advantages of dreaming

First, relieve fatigue, relax body
Fatigue is the expenditure of energy after physical and mental labor,the brain’s energy is mainly based on blood supplying glucose. Physical and mental labor need lots of glucose, if the glucose supplying by blood doesn’t meet its demand, it will use physical store. It will produce a kind of lactic acid in the process of physical store. Storing too much lactic acid, is a symbol of fatigue biologically and biochemically. Falling asleep means people’s activity stopped, thus the consumption of muscle stops, too. And to save energy, temperature decreases at the same time.

There is another advantage when people fall asleep, that is producing new proteins. The new proteins which people demand are most likely synthesized while sleeping. So sleep is indispensable to relieve and rest our body.

Second, collect information, bring insight

We experience plenty of things in daytime, our brain need to record and monitor constantly, record everything that happens surrounding you. No matter you are conscious or not, especially visual information is large. The entire stimulus will run into your mind as long as you have a glance. When you fall asleep, your brain will playback, as well as collect information. And then, put it into different sectorization according to different contents.

In addition, the brain has the ability to learn at night. For example, there was a very famous mystery, the detective was puzzled and couldn’t figure it out. Surprisingly, he had a dream at night, and knew how it was going on. Thus, he solved the case on the basis of his dream. Like the sleep at night, sometimes dream can bring insight and sometimes it can bring innovativeness.

Third, adjusting mental pressure
As we all know, if you have a sweet dream at night, the next day you will feel energetic and comfortable. But if you have a nightmare, you will feel joyless and not sleep well, as a result, you will be anxious, irritable and prickly. Also, you can’t focus on anything. It is clear that dreaming is an indispensable process on keeping a good attitude.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis psychology, the meaning of dream is to satisfy our desire. Whether you are a noble person, or a humble person, the deep of our mind collects too many things whether we are willing and able to talk or not. Among these endless desires, many can not be satisfied timely or just can’t fulfill. Though some desires can’t be satisfied in real life, people can gain satisfaction psychologically and psychological balance.

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