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What should we do when depression occurs in the spring ?

What should we do when depression occurs in the spring ?

When depression occurs in the spring,we should promptly do Self-regulation.There are several ways to get rid of this bad mood.Here follows 39 small methods, for your reference:

  Emotions transfer method

   1.Go for sports. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins , which is a truly exciting hormon . So, do some sports, such as running, walking, yoga, playing, dancing, etc,which can help you eliminate stress and stay alive.

   2. To be close to nature. France famous writer Mo Aluo believes that nature is the most vast refuge of the most merciful. Forest, mountains, sea, vast great personal is small. Among that ,people with grievances are also worth mentioning, trauma can also be soothing calm of the soul. So, the embrace of nature, climb to see flowers, all the troubles are gone with the wind, you will calm down.Recommendations to the suburbs for an outing at the weekend, to experience nature. If economic conditions and time permit, put down your work and travel for a while, enjoy complete relaxation.

   3 .Seek help from friends. Bacon had said,” If you tell a friend happy, two people will share happiness, you pour your worries to a friend, you will be split half sad. ” So, when you’re not happy, you can find out some friends, talking about your own negative emotions in order to get the friends sympathy, guidance and comfort. Meanwhile, during the course of something you worry about, you can also get more emotional support and understanding.

   4. Listen to music and sing. Music helps to regulate emotions,.When you worry, don’t forget to listen to your favorite songs, or sing a song to express their mood at the moment. Through song, your boredom, depression or grief can be released.

   5 .If you are unhappy, shout out. When you are inside stressed, you would be held to a current of air, not feeling well. At this time, you can walk to secluded places. Shout out something to reveal as much as possible when you feel depressed. More true the reveal,the better you will feel.

  Diet method

1 . Or to eat protein-rich foods. Emotional problems may be the cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism on the liver causes, which can enhance the function of the liver.add enough energy, so you can resolve symptoms such as anxiety and exhaustion.Protein is rich in fish poultry meat and eggs. therefore, you can take in more in spring.

   2. Eat more foods rich in VitaminB. Vitamin B is also known as “the happy vitamin “.It will make people feel more pleasure, and vitamin b is the key to food energy transform , which can help protect liver.And vegetables are rich in vitamin b,like wheat bran, wheat germ and the whole wheat , rye, oal,rough soybeans and some other bean products ,seaweed ,laver ,mushroom、 mushroom 、 morel bacteria, such as algae .

   3 . Eat more foods rich in tryptophan.There are three substances in the brain which can affect mood.These are 5-HT,dopamine and epinephrine.Among that 5- hydroxytryptamine played a decisive role. 5- HT is an important neurotransmitters, which can make a person feel happy and optimistic. If a person is short at 5-HT,he will have depression, anxiety, insomnia, overeating symptoms. So, want to stay away from emotional problems, be sure to take in more tryptophan.Tryptophan-containing foods are these: bananas, tuna, salmon, dairy products, such as tofu, soy milk, lentils, peas.And chickens are also rich in colored acid-containing.So these foods you can eat in the spring.

4 .To eat more foods high in complex carbohydrates. When people are in badmood,5-HT will be used up quickly. and more sugar can improve the contain of color ammonia.Make people fell better as soon as possible. so, recommends are given to take more food containing sugar. food, like brown rice, corn, buckwheat, rye, oats ,and black rice.

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