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How to be happy and how to make ourselves happy

Happiness is a kind of mood, but also a character. Happy mood appears sometimes, because there are so many factors in life have an impact on our mood, but a happy character can keep us company for a life. Owe it, you will be accompanied with happiness for a life. If you want to culture a happy character, first of all, you must be used to have a happy habit.

1. Have a daydream sometimes

  You don’t have to do housework without stop at the beginning of a day on weekend, this habit usually make people maxed out at night, and will influence the next day’s sleep. There is no harm to throw those fussy housework away temporarily, and have a daydream at the morning on weekend. Not to reproach yourself, but to tell yourself with a good conscience,” I have worked so hard in normal times, it’s unblamable to splurge the rest time.”

2. Take some photos everyday

Psychologists suggest that, using your camera takes some people and things around you everyday, and records some segments that may be forgotten momentarily. When you unscheduled arrange these photos, you will find that all those details are a kind of nice memories, and you will be happy then.

3. Close to nature

  Some researches show that, as we were placed in amniotic fluid at our babyhood, people liked to close to water is inborn. Walking aside the water could make your mind and body relaxed effectually. Even more annoyances, as if among the environment of green trees and rippling water,

you could leave it behind momentarily and let your heart enjoy the appeasement from nature.

4. Read a novel, at the same time drink a cup of coffee

 Select a graceful café, take a novel that interests you best recently, choose a place which is near the window, sit down and order a cup of coffee, then read over coffee. You ought to be not strange to this scene, it’s true, that’s the scene of petty bourgeoisie that often appears in films. But what would it matter, let yourself experience the romance in films, you will harvest uncontemplated happy mood.

5. Take part in collective activities

Although staying alone is a good way to adjust mood, no need to grudge your rest time, tapoff some time to collective activities. Such as climbing mountain, field trip, picnic, song fan’s party and so on. Encourage yourself to take part in some collective activities positively, you will taste the strong power of happiness during the common lark.

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