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How to reduce mental stress for wemen

It is hard to avoid being distressed in our daily life.  As a female, we should know some tips to reduce mental stress.

1. Dismemberment.   Please list out the things that make you distressed, one, two, three… ,  once you write them out, you may find that it is easy to relieve these so called “pressure”  if you cope with the troublesome things one by one.

2.Use language and imagination to relax yourself. You can imagine that “ I lie on the green grass companied with sunshine and blue sky”, ”I steep in the bathtub comfortably, listening music”. Calm down and relax yourself in a short time, then you can enjoy serene and happiness.

3.Cry out when you want to.  The Medical psychologists  think  that crying is an effective way to release pressure. Psychologists used to measure blood pressure for the adult. The result is that about 87 percent people whose blood pressure are normal said they sometimes cried while the high blood-pressure one said they never cried.

4. Hug trees. In some parks inAustralia,you may find that a lot of people hug trees. It is a good method to lessen the mental stress. It’s said that our body will set out “happy matter” when we hug trees, then we will be happy.

5.Put on your favorite old clothes. Wear your favorite old trousers and a comfortable t-shirt ,then your stress will lessen unconsciously.  You know we can remember some wonderful feelings we used to  experienced because of an old clothe.

6. Watch Dracula movies.  Some British expert advises, people feel stressed because of their responsibility toward work.  At the time when they feel stressed, what they need are encourage and enthusiasm.  Driving themselves to face pressure such as the Dracula movie may be a good way to reduce mental stress and rouse themselves.


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