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Inattention will affect their learning and work, and how to concentrate has plagued many people. If we analysis from a psychological point of view, there are many factors influence the attention. But in view of these factors, there are five methods provided
Here are five specific methods for your choice:
Ⅰ: Autosuggestion method
Autosuggestion help the attention concentrated and overcome the phenomenon of lax attention. Such as learning in the soliloquize way to remind himself, such as ” focused attention “, “hard listening” sentences etc, put them in a place you usually easy to see, as long as once you see them and it will remind yourself that do not go the children of God Yeah!
Ⅱ: Situational imagine law
No matter how much the students absent there mind , he will be as much as possible to focus on to answer and achieve the best level when they participating in an important exam or competition. Therefore, every time you do homework please imagine themselves is participating in a final exam or competition, within the time prescribed by the finish and improve efficiency within the unit of time, you can make your own tense. In these ways attention naturally focused on the nature
Ⅲ: Records Act
To prepare a small book, which is used to record the contents of the absent minded For example, the math class today you want to play football with, then they would have to do in the book on record: “math class – playing football – about a minute and a half . Such records after a few days, you start to read again with seriously, you will find that something you cranky is how boring and wasted how much valuable time. Gradually, you will more and more disgust to absent minded.
   Ⅳ: Training lectures techniques
One is to do preview before class,, , understand the emphases and difficulties of the teacher lectures; The second is adjust the lectures mental state according to the teacher lectures progressThe third is with the problem listening ,also can consciously looking for problems and found that different points to stimulate the lecture interest; The forth is to pursue the idea of teacher lectures ,it can find the points and put forward questions to teacher instantly
Ⅴ: Self-reward and punishment method
Every time before write or review your homework, give yourself a timetable the more specific the better. Learning plan to completed within the specified time and reward yourself :watched anime or snacks ; Contrary, if the distraction and the plans failed, then you should mercilessly punish yourself to do something you not want to do, such as dry chores.
Of course, how to focus may vary from person to person, different methods are often not the same to be a different person. In addition, the focus also has some other ways. Based on their own experience improving, each person can improve their attention.

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