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Social phobia symptoms

A social phobia is an anxiety-provoking reaction that occurs when a person thinksabout meeting with others in public. It revolves around the person’s fear of beinglooked at by other people and generally relates to small gatherings as opposed tocrowds. The person can feel that others are watching their every move,thinking that people may be judging their social skills – that is talking in public,eating, drinking – even though this may not be the case. The person may also feelthat they will be rejected if they act out of place. As a result, the person isolatesthemselves from the public and situations that could be perceived as awkward.

Social phobia often manifests itself in adolescence and occurs in males and femalesequally (Puri 2000). It could also result in the person avoiding situations andmeetings with members of the opposite sex, probably due to feelings of inadequacy.If this phobia is left untreated, it could lead to a chronic condition resulting inincreased anxiety and social exclusion for the person in question.

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