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Specific phobia case study

Case study: Specific phobia

Oliver is 27 and works as a car mechanic. When Oliver was eight years old,he was playing football with his cousin in the back garden when the footballaccidentally went into the next-door-neighbour’s garden. Oliver climbed overthe fence to retrieve the football, but when he was climbing over the fencehe was attacked by the neighbour’s dog. The dog pulled Oliver off the fence.Oliver sustained severe injuries to his face, neck and hands, which requiredsurgery and prolonged hospitalisation. Since this episode, Oliver cannot lookat or stroke a dog of any breed. If a dog comes close to Oliver, Oliver willfreeze and will be unable to move until the animal is removed. When walkingdown the street, Oliver will purposely cross to the other side of the road if hesees a dog walking towards him, even if this dog is a guide dog with its ownerand the dog is on a lead.

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