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Although a considerable literature suggests that beta-blockers are effective in reducing performance anxiety that is related to social anxiety, these results have generally been observed in subjects without extreme levels of performance anxiety. Furthermore, any significant results are confined to performance involving motor activity, which suggests that beta-blockers may work mainly for nonclinical subjects by improving performance rather than reducing anxiety . More recent studies that examined the effectiveness of beta-blockers for social phobia have shown minimal effects compared with placebo. The major medications that have been tested for treating social phobia are the MAOIs. In general, studies demonstrated good results with these medications. Unfortunately, their potentially dangerous side effects mean that they must be used together with severe dietary restrictions.
More recently, reversible MAOIs were developed that do not require dietary restrictions and are considerably safer. Early data with these medications show some positive effects, but not all results have been positive. Several studies also demonstrated positive effects from the serotonin specific reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). At this stage, studies are still relatively few and have included small numbers; further research is required.

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