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How to ease the pressure of study?

Learning pressure, is the modern middle school students are facing problems, so, how to ease the pressure of study?

Today’s highly competitive era, the pressure that exists at any time, inevitable. Stress is a young man growing momentum, but the pressure is too large, will also affect people’s quality of life. Learning pressure has obvious duality. Moderate study pressure can give us encouragement, help us to study and life in good psychological adjustment and preparation, difficulties, strive for academic progress.

Moderate psychological stress can stimulate our energy and potential, enables us to be more aggressive, in learning to maintain focus, focus and quick thinking, learning and life calmly deal with various emergencies, achieved good results. Learning needs moderate pressure, if there is no pressure, perhaps we will become very easy, but also make it possible for us to lose power, does not stop. We want to build on the existing foundation to put forward higher requirements, perceived moderate pressure, enhance learning motivation, make greater progress.

However, if we are under pressure is too large, too long, will produce negative effect. It will cause us to excessive anxiety, tension, mood swings and self evaluation to reduce psychological reactions, interfering with the learning process, learning effect and quality of life, is harmful to mental health, thus affecting the learning efficiency and has the normal level of play. In fact, we feel the pressure of learning, often with the exam together. A reference to examination, some students just nervous, even fear. For them, the test to become a heavy psychological burden. How to treat the exam marks, correctly deal with the study pressure, pressure as a driving force, the key is to look at how we actively to face the pressure, overcome the pressure, to calmly deal with the examination, so that our body and mind is full of happiness. The following suggestions, perhaps to relieve your pressure of learning help.

1 correct learning motivation. To realize that learning is its own development of a need, it is the times gifts our mission. Learning is our own things, for the future to lay a good foundation of society, therefore, should change ” to study” into “I want to learn “. We all understand that ” if a cold biting cold, there can be no fragrant plum blossom ” truth, learning is a hard mental work, to the future dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, must now take up the burden of learning.

2 to cultivate interest in learning. We have had such an experience, what we like to do, perhaps in others it seems very bitter very tired, but we can always enjoy it, this is because we have to do is interested. Learning is that, if we are interested in study, that our life will be more relaxed, our feeling of pressure can not be so strong.

3 master a good learning method.

Good learning method can improve the efficiency of learning. French physiologist Bernard said: ” a good method to make us better to play using a talented, but the method may be poor hindered talent play. ” Visible, in learning to grasp the scientific method is so important. There are a lot of learning method, we can according to their characteristics to choose suitable learning methods. Whether we choose which kind of learning method, should pay attention to the reasonable use of the brain.

4 treat correctly examination and scores.

Examination is an important link of the teaching process, the teacher’s teaching with the student plays a very important role in regulating and incentive. For students, the test of our learning examination and assessment of important methods, appropriate examination can promote student learning and intellectual development. The examination process includes students to prepare for the exam after exam, and summary of knowledge, deepen understanding and enhance the consolidation of the process, but also the cultivation of thinking ability, creative spirit, exercise, to improve the ability of learning process. Examinations can motivate students ‘ enterprising spirit, serious reflection learning, discovery learning in the weak link, revision learning plan, to improve learning methods, to improve the effectiveness of learning. In addition, we have more with teachers and parents to communicate, or get some regular exercise regularly and so on, in order to reduce the pressure of our study.

In conclusion, ease the pressure of study, the key is to learn how to correctly deal with the pressure. Please choose the suitable method to try to overcome the pressure,, believe you will usher in a sunny sky

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