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Why always Blush with shame


Why do I always blush with shame ?This is a student’s consulting content.

Mail below:

I am a senior grade two student.These days I have something irritating.when I was in the first grade,I will blush with shame after exercising,I didn’t pay extra attention on it that time. When I have military training in the senior grade one,after being basked in the sun,the face will turn extremely red,and will also turn red in the daily life.when it is hot it turn red,when it is cold it turn red too.Even if I stay in the house for a moment,I will also feel “Blue in the face.Because of this matter,I won’t stay in the public place,I feel very ashamed.

When my face is red,it is so burned that the hand will feel hot when it is put on the face.I have tried different kinds of ways to cool the face,wash it with cold water,apply it with ice,but it is all useless.My face is beating like the feeling of heart beat.My schoolmates call me “red apple”,this nickname isn’t unpleasant to hear.But when listening others call me “red apple”,I feel not the taste,always think they are laughing at me.

I am always thinking this matter.My red face will give others a bad impression,maybe they think I am a monster,is this a normal phenomenon or I have disease as an ordinary people ?H ow can I overcome the phenomenon of red face?

According to the general rule,when people is in the state of Strenuous exercise、nervousness,the heart will beat more quickly、the blood pressure will turn high,the skin in the face will expand ,be fulled with blood,so the face will turn red.When people feel the comment of the outside world and try to change this condition,the Heart feedback signal will more expand the skin in the face,full with more blood.The exercise causes physiological reaction,but all after the feel of red face is all psychological process.You are maybe too sensitive with your red face that belongs with normal Physiological reaction ,then the mix of the Physiological factor and psychological factor bring this horrible tendency.When you feel the comment of your schoolmates,you try to control it .What you don’t know is,the more you control it and concern it ,the more you can not escape from it.The red face exists impersonally,too much concern will bring bad eaction.In fact,the red face is impersonal neutral comment without any Derogatory sense,and you also admit that the nickname “red apple” is not unpleasant to listen?

The red face do not equal to ugly,is a little thing,nothing special.If your attention is put in this matter for a long time and just worry about troubles of your own imagining,it will only bring bad circulation and make your body and mind more tired.The good way is diverting your attention,put your energy into the study and entertainment.

Basically speaking,learn how to social contact is very important.Beside learning cultural knowledge ,you also learn the skills to contact with your peers and cultivate your skill to corporate with others.In addition,you should communicate and contact with your schoolmates ,know more about your peers’ idea and emotion ,take part in more collective activities,dare project yourself in the activities and learn to accept and appreciate yourself.So you may do more things that you are good at.Any small good performance will improve your confidence,especially to these people are not confident.When you put yourself into the collective,have valuable friendship that can share weal and woe,your inferior and ashamed character will change as well.

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