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Why does he sham when talks with the girl

Recently Li Tong have a problem, he shamed when he talks with the girl. The cause of the things is like this: Li Tong and Liu Lu sit at the same table, also they’re good friends, and they always help each other when they face to the questions. But a few days ago, the teacher let copy notes, the blackboard is in front of the two classmates. Li went to the right side with worried. Liu Lu also can’t see it, she went to the left. Unexpectedly, their head met together. Incredibly still “cheek to cheek”. At that time, although Li Tong and Liu Lu as if struck immediately separate, but still blush with shame. Liu Lu shy even neck is red thoroughly. Li Tong with quick straight cough hurriedly put the seat pull far away. From that day, Li Tong is with can’t see Liu Lu, Liu Lu also like to hide everywhere with Li Tong. After a week, Li Tong not only can’t speak to Liu Lu, and as long as and talking to the girl in the class itself, blush, words also become tongue-tied. Li Tong also wonder originally I am not so. The students all know I love kidding. Now fall into the riddle. Xiao Li clearly know he is in trouble, she still all day gloat, say “see, Li Tong with variable introverted” “ha, if it is not convenient to say, I can help”. During this time, Li Tong can’t do anything, want to get away from the scene.

In fact, Li Tong’s situation, many boys and girls have experienced. When climbing mountains, walk in the steep hillside, you upright party climbed upwards, a heterosexual students hold your hand, When his hand touch your hand, you suddenly zapped, very excited. At that time, do you want to immediately let go of his hand, but a curious coincidence, you put his hand tightly. After the event, you are confused to ask yourself what’s the matter with me? Where you went wrong? Don’t want to entertain foolish ideas, yet again memories are just what had happened. Don’t seem, this is a kind of special adolescence, but reasonable psychological experience, also is the sexual development mature and bring sexual consciousness bud. Because of the sexual consciousness bud, we had a colorful life in junior high school. Some boys like Li Tong, shamed when they talks with girls. Some girls like show their performance in front of boys. Some girls love make up some wonderful story like fairy tale. Some boys said some girls fall in love with him.

These are purely natural, don’t worry, no need to fuss. If your courage, ask your parents, you can go and ask the teacher. Each adult at the time of puberty has similar experience, without which people how do we grow up? Of course, the above says “pure nature” of so many things, without distracting, people is too sensitive. Li Tong is an example, cries out to wonder, the whole story of thought, “pure nature” becomes “not natural”, does not get along with girls. Liu Lou is the same, fear is said to be love, with LI misunderstood ourselves, afraid of a difficult time making friends. Too sensitive, whenever you’re in trouble. Encountered such a thing what should I do?

The key word to remember one by one mind common sense tells you that adolescent boys and girl’s basic of physiological maturity that is part of the instinct on the mature. During this period, philosophical, psychological, cognitive ability, problem solving ability, social meaning has not yet reached maturity. Once boys and girls are driven by desire, let emotions about you, will follow the example of adult men and women to love. Boys and girls in love tend to get trapped in a bunch of trouble, now best of youth has lost the original color. Without distractions, also passed in the  normal state of mind as far as possible, without losing a sense of propriety and of heterosexual contact, with more attention to his studies, perspectives open up a little bit. Rational from the science, a proper understanding of their people will be able to give yourself more opportunities, including learning opportunities, communication, opportunities for progress.

All in all, boys and girls in these opportunities really up gradually. We wanted to not do?

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