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Correct psychological inertia to the good life

From the psychology of reaction principle as the foundation, were observed for human behavior, psychologists proposed such an improved method, to correct the noble way of life, and by the end of this benign change inert lifestyle brought the whole life.

General learning and work lives, we may have such experience, when that want to do something, but for a long time or not; or feel the strength does not come out; or feel that life is gray and depression and so on.

Response to such situations in life, is life always seem to be an inert winding, know that it is not good, but do not know where to start to change.

If you are interested in the following ways persist try a week, you’ll find out the people you will be very different, if can continue to insist, that noble way of life will never dare to close to you, and you will get in life you want success

You can use one day to two days for a behavior to their own records, put down your usually every day to do, this includes records of all your life. Even if you rough it in mind, there will be dozens of items about.

Then some of them must be completed if eating something out.

After this, you put the remainder of the dozens of things arranged according to your interests, your most don’t like to do in the first place, your most like to do on the last one.

Finally, you can in a week, every morning, from your most don’t like things began to play, and to finish the first thing, then do second things…… So always be the last thing you like.

In the whole process, you begin to feel will be a little difficult, but as long as you spend very little effort to slightly to, you can go on smoothly. Do not jump in the middle of the first to make the love don’t like the plan.

This approach is an enhanced role in the way, first a difficult task is completed, the difficult task a little further, it is a kind of front operation for the strengthening, and then continue, strengthening effect will be more and more, until you feel like you have the power to accomplish anything.

For inert lifestyle change, this approach has great effect. For frequently depressed mood, the lifestyle changes will be directly reflected depressive behavior, and very easy to end the mood of depression, but as long as we persist, depression lifestyle will end.

Through the end of the inert or depressive behavior, and the end of inert or depression.

If you try it, you will find that this is how much fun.

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