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University freshmen should avoid adjustment disorder

  The university is a great pleasure in life, but some students after entering university, facing the new learning environment, a new life and new teachers and classmates, not only did not produce a sense of pride, sense of pleasure, but the heart is depressed, depressed mood, not know what course to take, and appear the unwell symptom body, which led to the decrease of learning and life skills, adverse effects on the learning and life. This is common in University Freshmen’s adaptability obstacle.

  University Freshmen adaptability obstacle mainly lies in the following aspects:

  The first is the mood disorders, the high school stage that striving spirit and passion to disappear, “ship to the pier car station” idea, are not interested in anything, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, some think poorly or schools is not ideal of the students also will produce the inferiority, guilt psychological.

  The second is the tendency of anxiety, to face the new life, be at a loss what to do, not know what course to take, nervous, be confused in mind, also can have heart palpitations, shortness of breath symptom.

  The third is the social withdrawal, not want to integrate into the new collective, escape from reality, to avoid social activities, even with strangers, used to have no contact with anyone, leisure like alone behind closed doors, capability, life learning capability in this retreat and solitude in decline.

  The forth is the behavior disorder, there will be some violation of school discipline and moral behavior, such as truancy, truancy, late, seeking stimulation, and many of these people in the high school stage is seldom the bad behavior.

  The fifth is the physical discomfort, with varying degrees of headache and dizziness, nausea and vomiting, backache, limb numbness, loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

  If suffer adverse life stimulation, also has a predisposition, poor adjustment ability, can lead to the occurrence of adjustment disorder. Aiming at the university freshman, direct cause of its adaptability obstacle mainly has two aspects of individual psychological quality and adverse environmental changes. The specific factors differ from man to man, such as: studies failed to achieve set objectives, disappointed, not adapt to the new learning style, or management from relatives without the family’s comfort, the advantages of the original is lost to the new school (such as the high school stage is “stand out”, but the day a day into the University, but in some inferior to the others), cultural difference, urban and rural students in great poverty students’ economic pressure will make the first entered university freshman produce psychological gap, if improper regulation, can not be timely resolve inner emotions, will produce psychological deviation, then will form a psychological barrier.

  Adjustment disorder is more common in university freshmen, but most people with the passage of time will gradually release, generally in the six months to gradually eliminate. In order to reduce its negative effect to the minimum limit, freshman year, parents or teachers to give guidance in this regard, nip in the bud, as far as possible to avoid adaptability obstacle; after enrollment, the school should give warm more of the new, to provide the necessary help, parents are required to keep the letter or telephone contact with children, make it more emotional comfort.

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