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Don’t excessive investment in relationships

   To a have labor ability, on a sane person, independent, pay are internal needs.  In relationships if you can’t satisfy a certain need each other, the relationship is more difficult. Success in Carnegie interpersonal ideas,  the very important is to follow the psychological interaction of utilitarian principles – the principle is based on people’s various needs (including spirit, material content) on the basis of interpersonal activities is to satisfy people’s needs.
   Psychologist mance as early as in 1974, has put forward the interpersonal relationship is essentially a social exchange, the exchange of Commodity Exchange to follow with the market principle is the same, namely, people want to get in contact no less than done. There are check is not less than the cost, if get more than pay, also can make people psychological imbalance.
Interpersonal to reservations, entering the circle of people often make a mistake is to “do good”, think oneself heart and soul to do things for each other will be well, close. In fact not the case. Because people don’t blindly accept the pay of others, or psychological feel unbalanced. “Dripping of grace, yongquan phase newspaper”, this also is a kind of practice in order to make the relationship between balanced. If do all good thing at a time, make the person feels unable to return or no chance to return, guilt can let benefit one party choice apart. Leave room, good things should not do, perhaps this is an important criterion of equilibrium relationship.
   Leave room to keep appropriate distance, because each other ones’ heart all need a little space. If you want to help others, and want to maintain long-term relationship with someone else, so might as well as appropriate to other people a chance to let others repay you, not because of the pressure of heart has alienated the relationship of both parties. And “excessive investment”, do not break for each other, can let each other heart suffocated. Leave room, each other can be carefree to breathe freely.

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