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The Old People Who Always Stay In Home Is Easy Caught Depression

If one old people seldom go downstairs and always be faced with daily life problem alone, he or she is more possibility to catch depression than other people.

     According the  research of one local mental specialist have found, those old people ,who was living in the Toa Payoh ancestral house,is 3% more than other  people ,who was living Chinatown, even up to 8%. Professor KeYiyu told  the publisher, compared with the ancestors lived in Chinatown, the old people live in Toa Payoh ancestral house nowdays is more easy to catch the depression for the reason that the efficient communication is lacked between them.

     Professor KeYiyu said , the old people caughting depression not some special causes, but the case that both family problems and the chronic disease bring the trouble to them, even the weak immunity and live alone. He also point out , the old people over 65 years old take the proportion of 6 percent.

     However, many patients didn’t seeked for help from doctor, and the family doctor also couldn’t have diagnosed as depression according the symptom, on this case, it make the situation worse, even some sicked old man form the tend to suicide. Although the depression  is hard to be diagnosed, some symptoms should be focus on, for example, sleep problem and diet habit changes, patient also did not get along well with others, and be difficulty to raise interest on the daily life things.

     With the ageing-population problem become more and more serious, Professor KeYiyu predict that the number of 6000 patients of depression last year will increase to 14 000 by 2020. The data show that ,80% of  patients recover from depress under doctor’s cure, but the rest patients should be controlled by some special drugs. Thus , Professor KeYiyu gives some suggestion——when some symptoms appeared on old people , first of all , seeking the help from doctor and follow their advice.

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