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Psychological characteristics of smokers

Smoking in ways that reflect the character of a person. Smoking posture and morphology of psychologists on people doing system research. Analysis of the famous American psychologist J. Forster smoking the most vivid. Analysis of a smoker’s Forster is divided into 5 parts.


First, shake gray mode

Are pumping up, frequently to shake to the ashtray ashtray. Work conscientiously, have a little nervous. Even if the dust is very short, also want to shake off, your stress comes from not easily treat things, too nervous to grasp.

Many will shake off the dust. Lack of energy, the very essence of with great care.

Around when there are people who don’t smoke, the smoke upwards. You are a very careful person.


Second, snuff tobacco way

On the cigarette, the fire in the ashtray Lilong out. You are prudent to send. The lack of their own ideas, always want to hide in the back of others, and others.

The smoke is very straight in the ashtray lay out. Do not give oneself over to blind emotions, do anything very clear boundaries. The work and entertainment, love and marriage are clearly.

Put the cigarette butt folded into two segments out. Character cheerful, but sometimes when overturning, speak not count much.

Put cigarette butts into three or more out. Looks like a serious, you the opposite sex of no small influence, persuasive anisotropy.

The part of the fire into a ball put. Temper more anxious, thinking often arbitrary. Easy to make mistakes.

The fire won’t snuff also don’t care. Love me love my likes and dislikes, obviously. Self-centered, lack of coordination.

Pour water into the ashtray. Both side of yourself perfect, also be careless about one’s dress when, easy to go to two extremes. On weekdays, very quiet, but the action very quickly. Often let colleagues.


Above is the analysis of the United States of America psychologist J. Forster on smoking smoking psychology, it is the soul of a person unconscious open times, if you grasp the psychology knowledge required, you can grasp the psychological characteristics of each other. Of course, smoking is not good for the body, the best Admonish your friends as soon as possible to break the habit of smoking.

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