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How to control your emotions

This is a common scene in our lives: You work in a tense one day after coming home from work and want to be left aside . Your lover and children don’t understand, and even show indifference to complain to you. Rather than alleviate your fatigue at this time, it is converted into greater psychological pressure . However, no one put forward in other ways to solve this kind of fatigue, and over time, home is no longer a safe haven.

If you on how to control your negative emotions feel helpless, please try the following approach :

·Positive implication

When you get up every morning, you can give yourself a big smile in front of a mirror and then tell yourself: “I great!”

Avoid to compare with others. Everyone’s situation is different, and just refer to and tell the advantages and disadvantages of others, will only make yourself wandering between hope and despair. We should learn to give yourself the things on the trajectory of life need, striving to “do your best”.

·The power of a friend

You are not isolated a person, and often communicating with your family and friends, your inner thoughts will be passed to them in a positive way . If you want to vent or release some mood, might as well use blog loudly tell your heart . In the process of writing, open your heart and accept friends’ advice, and so that some negative thoughts maybe disappear.

·The transfer of interest

When your mood sink to the bottom and you are bored with work and affairs in daily life, maybe you can try to regain the joy of childhood : painting creation; practicing the music you having

Left aside for a long time; making a small piece of furniture yourself; even buying a jigsaw and putting them together.

·Healthy food

Bananas, grapes and other yue sex food can make you happy mood. Balanced and moderate diet not only can make your brain concentrate, but also help to curb the bad mood.

·The charm of sports

In Yoga movements, the body bent back is the best position to improve brain power make a calm. Three times a week, leisurely walk for half an hour, always embrace the nature, and take a deep breath.

·The wisdom of the doctor

If your family has a history of depression, and after trying a variety of individual psychotherapy methods, still in depression or despair, suggest to seek the aid of a psychiatrist.

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2 Responses to “How to control your emotions”

  • Alex says:

    People need to know that depression isn't a choice. It's not something we can control. If you're drunk, can you "snap out of it" by "thinking sober thoughts"? Thought so.

    People who are battling with the illness are always looking for ways to fight it. I've found a few good gems here:

    I can't say that I'm cured from the illness, but so far I've been better. Attacks aren't as severe and don't occur that often. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future. Hope this'll help some of you. Peace and Love.

  • Kimani says:

    Quite helpful and educative. Positive implication, The power of a friend, The transfer of interest, Healthy foodThe charm of sports, The wisdom of the doctor are key to avoiding depression

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