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 Proper control of normal emotional catharsis to control shall, in bad mood. To control their emotions and thoughts, you must first admit the existence of some emotion; secondly, to investigate the mood; finally, the frustration situation unpleasant to seek appropriate ways to overcome it or avoid it.

In the face of setbacks, people should use rational understanding of things to control one’s emotions. When could not help but be angry, to calm examination situation, review introspection, to determine the anger is reasonable, how angry the consequences, and there is no other more appropriate solutions, after such a “before”, can eliminate or reduce the psychological tension, so that the mood gradually calm. A dispute with others, we can place oneself in others’ position to stand in the position of the other side to think, also can be in a calm mood.

In the event of emotional response, there is a strong foci of excitation in mind, if in addition to establish one or several new excited kitchen, can be offset or dilute the original dominant center. When the anger of upwelling, consciously to transfer a topic or do something else to distract, can make the mood eased. Some life to hard work, this is a kind of transfer, is also a kind of catharsis, is an effective method for anger. But the need to remind him of safety first, as in the provocation, the action is not very accurate coordination.

Good humor is the spirit of the disinfectant, is extremely helpful in personal adjustment tool. When a man finds an incongruous or to the disadvantageous phenomenon, in order not to let myself in the excited state and the passive situation, the best way is to cope with a detached attitude. A good sense of humour, not vulgar joke, don’t take others happy, but in tact, profound knowledge, unreasonable, wittily reveal things not only hit the nail on the head, and make people easy to accept. In some non principle problem, to console oneself with soothing remarks, but not to stimulate each other, the intensification of the contradictions.

“Sweet lemon psychology”, which uses a variety of reasons that all things are good, in order to dilute the discomfort and pain of the heart. This method of deceive oneself and others, with the occasional as emotional relief a matter of expediency, to accept the reality, to help people in the face of great frustration to accept yourself, to avoid the collapse of the spirit, not without benefit. But if too much, become the main means of defense person, is a kind of morbid, will hamper their pursuit of true need.

Through training, people can also control the mood with self relaxation method. According to a specific set of procedures, with some random response by the body to improve the body’s other involuntary reaction, psychological processes affect physiological processes, so as to achieve the effect of relaxation it, so that the tension and anxiety relief. Chinese Qigong, yoga in India, Japanese Zen are such.

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