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The way to balance emotions by collegers

 The life of students in college is a unstable stage which creates lots of emotions.whatever they are,collegers has to control their owns.but how? First ,we need to understand the characteristics of emotions.Our cognition is related to emotions directly.What emotion we show may bases on what we think of our own surroundings,action or thoughts.So we should balance our emotions that can help keeping good emotions.
It is hard to adjust our emotions which starts with improving self-cultivation and sense of humor.People with good self-cultivation learn the importance of balanced emotions and they can handle it well.In daily life,we students should improve our self-cultivation besides humor.Humor shows people’s pleasure as much as helping us adapt to new environment with cheers instead of embarrassment.Meanwhile it takes tensions and pain away .Humor is related closely to people’s attitude towards life.It requires people being positive.Humor is also to do with one’s maturity.Now collegers is on the way to being developed ,perfect and mature.It is a long way so that we should complete our personality .On the other hand,we need to accept reality which is inside of us,make more friends and develop a deep tolerance.If troubles get us,music will be a good choice to help us to take them down,especially some beautiful and exciting songs.
In normal life,nobody can keep bad things bringing bad emotions away.It calls on us to restrain our emotions and be more tolerant.When the radical emotions broke out,we must tell ourself or listen to others or drive our attention.But, if we restrain emotions much more than we should,it also brings some negative affect.Once we get angry, don’t let it occupy you.We do have lots of methods to forget it, something like doing sports,singing,drawing and so on.There is a more important way that will help the sad us a lot .Crying out and Sharing your feelings to your friends and your family can be best choice sometimes.If necessary,it is worth to pay a visit to the psychologist.

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