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Treatment for stuttering in children

Children happen stuttering phenomenon and psychological factors, to prevent or treat the children stuttering should also from psychological factors of. Because the stuttering is a kind of functional disorder, pronunciation organs are not lesions, with psychotherapy is given priority to. Specific psychological methods to prevent below when:

1. Caring children, can inform his pronunciation organ is normal, only put down the burden of ideas, adhere to the practice, will be healed.

2. The people around don’t blame, laugh at, imitation and pay much attention to him, let its slow speech slow language, and people. Gradually cultivate children, cheerful personality, encourage the public spoke enthusiastically. As time passes, stuttering will disappear naturally.

3. Language training, pay attention to eliminate child’s uneasy psychology, step by step, from easy to difficult. Such as pronunciation, the word to the other, the short sentences to long sentence, in line with the music rhythm, the effect will be better. The talking object can first family, and relatives and friends, then the teacher classmate, let him have a adapt to the process. If there are conditions to language courses, and other children with correct, the effect will be better.

4. Positive reinforcement. Children appear stuttering, not listen, if the speech does not appear stuttering, the timely encourage and reward, such, can make no impediment language have been strengthened, and increased frequency of happened. It is very effective for stuttering orthodontic treatment.

5. If children have anxiety, tension, muscle spasm, under the guidance of doctors take small doses of anxiety drugs, such as stability, etc

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