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Psychological fatigue definition

Fatigue is divided into physiological fatigue and rational fatigue. What is the psychological fatigue? Generally refers to person engaged in some drab, mechanical work activities, along with the body biochemical changes, central local nerve cells in constant tension and appear inhibition, cause people to work enthusiasm for life and interest decrease until produce boredom. Main show is a change in behavior. Any part of the body, from central cortical cells to skeletal muscle contraction of the basic unit can produce fatigue.

Produce psychological fatigue many causes, physical fatigue may also lead to psychological fatigue, but subjective reasons, especially because of mental stress and learning work load is too large, are more likely to lead to psychological fatigue. Adverse environmental stimulation, the interpersonal aspect of stimulation, career development, not may cause psychological fatigue.

How to eliminate the psychological fatigue, for each person produces the main reason of mental fatigue. For instance, to reduce their own expectations, moderately to relax, avoid long-term overload operation, a high-speed operation of the machine speed operation, even stop after the operation work, etc. Transfer once, let a person be agitated from environment, feeling out of another kind of relaxed atmosphere, can let a mood relaxed many. Only fundamentally solve the problem, feeling of fatigue can obviously alleviate or eliminate. In addition, we should pay attention to keep optimistic state of mind, when anything crops up much look forward to good, the mood as far as possible. If you do this, psychological fatigue will be far from you.

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