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How to keep mood good

Under the living conditions of the people in a fast paced,Will inevitably lead to some psychological pressure,Make people feel unhappy.How can I obtain a good mood, make yourself happy?Here are some ways to maintain good mood should be useful.

Process 1:music appreciation have two functions of psychological treatment and physical treatment . High strong rhythm, tone music,can inspire confidence and spirit. Slow rhythm, harmony of tones music,Can get Smooth breathing, heartbeat patterns, decline in blood pressure, helps to adjust the plant nervous system, played a tranquilizing effect.

  • Process2:Talking psychologist think that, Chat is a good means to get an efficient and pleasant mood。At one’s leisure or holiday leisure,relatives and friends get together、the whole family ,the old and young stand all around. renju witticism, witty conversation,All trivia will be behind of ourselves. Joy of chatting, benefit from physical and psychological.
  • ·Process3:When you feel poor, annoying thing on the outskirts ,why not take in the countryside, parks, elegant environment quiet place,Stretched out his arms to hug trees 2-3 minutes,Will always make you have the physical and mental comfort effect。Doctor think,Hugging big trees can make the body release “happy” hormone,And contrary to the role of epinephrine to “suppress” the hormone secretion reduced。Under the control of “happy” hormones under control, people will take great pleasure  mood.
  • ·Process4:haircut A person’s emotions and  haircut don’t seems to have any relations,Psychologists  suggested that people in poor emotional should try to cut hair,In order to adjust the unbalance on psychology 。When a person in the course of shampoo, comb, hair dryer he feels excited and good,While heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases。Therefore, from the salon when you come out, he (she) not only looks beautiful, but happy.

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