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How to overcome nightmares

Nightmare, almost everyone, nightmare will affect people’s mood, even the life and the work, how to  overcome nightmares?

Nightmare, let this not easy modern neural revved up guy. In the poll, 47.4% of people said nightmare influence their sleep quality. 13.6% said increased psychological burden, become more anxiety, depression, etc.; 4.9% of the people more serious, and has therefore can’t concentrate, affect the work and life, need to accept treatment; Only 24.7% said “no impact”.

Several experts pointed out that, in fact, the nightmare and sleep the stand or fall of quality and no necessary connection. But if the nightmare let you yawn continuously during the day, and can’t concentrate on my work and life, might as well try the following way:

The key to solve the problem of the day. The dream is the day people emotional side “mirror”, for instance, near the exam students often dreamed of scoreless. In this case, the most effective way is to put the attitude adjustment, reduce the generation of negative stimulation. Everyone in the under pressure, the key is to do his emotional management division, keep a gentle state of mind, as far as possible to avoid tension, anxiety and other bad mood.

A good sleep habits. Tsinghua university diabetes hospital neurology department of doctor of vice director of gao wei said, should form before twelve o ‘clock at night time to sleep, it is suggested that the good habit of old people choose silk and quality of a material soft quilt. Two hours before bedtime don’t do strenuous exercise, don’t watch a stimulating strong books, film and television works, listen to soft music, see easy books, take a warm bath, feet, can ease the tension.

Bedtime eat less spicy and high fat food. A study published in the international psychophysiology magazine research shows that, due to the spicy food can improve the body temperature, eat before sleeping will disturb sleep, resulting in frequent nightmares. In 2007, a study published in the psychology report on the study also showed that the day to eat high fat food, the more sleep quality variation of the greater the probability. In addition, drinking too much can lead to a nightmare.

Record dreams to help solve the problem. Sea futter doctor advice, might as well every time write, draw the nightmare of the scene or record dreams, could help doctors diagnose disease, make treatment to eliminate the nightmare bring trouble. Over stressed that records must pay attention to the plot of the dream and you dream of emotions in these two points.

“Scientific understanding of the dream is very important, especially nightmare. It often is your real life ‘past tense’.” ZhangTianBu stressed that the dream will not necessarily come true, so it is a nightmare. As long as no affect your quality of life, can easily be.

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