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How to overcome workplace inert psychology?

To overcome the workplace inert psychology, lots of working people have experienced, such as superior to your work, you can not do, or move stop until ranking regulation have a deadline to meet, just work hard to finish tasks. You will also encounter work drag colleague, will let you feel work passive delay. To overcome the workplace inert psychological ,firstly to understand why have these workplace inert psychology. Common has the following several reasons.

(1) Muddle along: in the face of some demanding work or disgusting task, will likely to delay the state of mind, think things at the end of the day will be resolved, and less than the last moment absolutely can not mention spirit to deal with.

(2) The self-confidence: some people have confidence in the work under pressure, thought that oneself like spring, pressure and the tight the can play the high, at the end of the time limit, it will greatly improve the efficiency. In the process, they often can realize to overcome challenges of pleasant sensation, enjoy the last moment efficiency and stimulation, but for other colleagues to talk about, can produce work many not harmonious and misunderstanding.

(3) Afraid to start: some people are lack of self-confidence, often for fear that they will do well, the result will slowly can’t begin, the escape inert psychology, often make you more likely to frustration, when people began to urge, or questioned by colleagues, more can’t start and continue to delay. However, these kind of temporary escapes to his fear in delay in waiting for the product more.

(4) The pursuit of perfect: some people will try our best to do our best, but still will delay to the last minute to begin, just because they want to strive for perfection, the pursuit of quality at all costs the perfect, the result didn’t action and lead to time greatly over the had expected.

To overcome the inertia psychology, learn first to arrange task; Next to the superior colleagues to make job security, there are other people’s supervision, will make you produce power.

You may think you set the timetable and deadline, requests itself finish the work ahead of time, and at the same time to remind yourself constantly must strictly abide by its commitments and discipline, finish the work ahead of time to enjoy the sense of achievement.

Finally, learn to analyze advantages and disadvantages, understand finish the work ahead of time what benefits, delay and have what harm, in contrast, nature have a clear choice.

To overcome the workplace inert psychology, as a few is a very effective method of operation, if you have to deal with drag problem might as well try.

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