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Effective Ways to Overcome the Bad Mood

Effective Ways to Overcome the Bad Mood

Inexplicable sorrow and bad mood always makes people feel anxious, what’s more, more and more depressed. That’s not a good thing at all! Sorrow makes people look desperate and bad mood makes people become lifeless. Facing yourself like this, you would certainly hate yourself, let alone others. As a result, you refuse to go outside, keep staying at home, and entertain foolish ideas.
Should you find yourself to live a life like this, you would be bond to take care, and make sure not to make it become melancholia. For the sake of our own physical and mental health, we are supposed to find some methods to overcome these inexplicable sorrow and bad mood for our happiness. There are some tips below that work well and are enough to handle problems like these.

According to evolutionary psychology researches, doing sports is an efficient way to alleviate bad moods. Firstly, people in the hunting age should consume much calories to achieve their food. Therefore, the evolvement of gene lets us save calories using thrift gene when we relax. Nowadays, however, humans can live comfortably without consuming too much calories, which accelerates the fat hoarding and does harm to our health. Sports in gut level can efficiently consume the calories, resembling the physiological reaction mechanism in which people in the hunting age fight for wild beasts. Besides, sports provides interactive situations which are good for a positive attitude. The inactive people tend to be more isolated. This situation could arouse the stress hormones. Oppositely, doing sports could encourage confidence, help us build good interpersonal relationships and bring good spirits. Finally, sports makes transition physically and promotes dopamine and serotonin to provide positive spirits.
I’m here to recommend two sports, one is running. As psychological study shows, the cause of bad mood is the lack of hormone in brain neurons. When you are running, the hormone increases. And after you run, the secretion of hormone continues to increase. Therefore, running can alleviate people’s bad mood. The other is yoga. Yoga is capable of increasing GABA, which can reduce anxiety. Yoga can also accelerate running the parasympathetic nerve, a neural system helping body relax.

How do emotions come into existence? On emotional loops, the delivery of excitement must rely on neurotransmitters, such as catecholamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and so on. The study found that there exist at least five precurors of neurotransmitters in humans’ brains unable to synthesize in brain cells. They must come from food. Therefore, eating different kinds of food and taking in various nutritions have different effects on our emotions.
For instance, taking in 3mg tryptophan every day can increase people’s confidence. The mood will get better as well. Eating some deserts will give you a fantastic mood. After your body takes some edible sugar, the content of glucose in blood goes up,supplying energy for your brain, as a result, controlling your mood better. Meanwhile, sugar can also help release serotonin, cheering people up. What needs to be warned is that intake of low cholesterol is unsuitable for the elderly, since low cholesterol is capable of restrain serotonin and easy to cause despress.
In a word, were you a drone and unwilling to exercise, please eat ahead. We are supposed to make the best of nutrition in food to control our mood, which seems to be the most economical and effective way. When it comes to diet, we are able to control our mood better and prevent bad mood coming into being through taking in substances that can synthesize 5-hydroxytryptamine or increase the secretion of 5-hydroxytryptamine.

Thinking from another perspective
As a matter of fact, there always exist some things making someone fear something groundless and become upset. Having bad mood is actually on account of incorrect ways of thinking. For instance, you see a friend nearby on the street, but he doesn’t talk to you or greet you, and accordingly you think he won’t take notice of you any more. However, if you think it’s possible that he didn’t see you or he was engaged in his own business, it won’t influece your mood. The concrete way to overcome bad mood is paying attention to changes of your mood and noting down some of the problems. Write down what make you upset in the first part and totally opposite proposals in the second part. Make an effort to meditate that the second part is correct and factors causing your sorrow in the first part are all due to your own subjective judgments.

Making friends
Human cannot live alone. Besides living factors, the reason why people live in groups is the need of mental comfort. Were a man live in his own world in the long term, he would be a recluse or have neuropathy. When you feel bored, in fact, that’s a way your mind reminds you to go outside, and chat and have fun with your friends. Moreover, a research suggested that people get excited and delighted when making friends with strangers. Spending plenty of time staying with good friends delights people and increases theirlifespan.
Therefore, someone said friends are the best medicine for comfort! Don’t keep carrying your phone and laptop. Shaking your phone won’t have any realitic effects. So please go out to expand your social connection.

Bad mood paints your life in grey. Without immediate cleaning, dust will get heavier and heavier. Since the pace of modern life become faster and faster, and pressure grows heavier, it’s easy that mood loses control. It’s high time that you did things above for your own physical and mental health.

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