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Women are more likely to overeat

Women are more likely to overeat which is because of emotional work

Faced with depressed emotion,how to do?The most direct way – eat! Crazy to eat! Such as ice cool sweet ice cream, cake, spicy hot pot hot stimulus, there are all kinds of snacks… This is the way many women will choose, in fact, they are only want to borrow from taste stimulus, to find a way to release negative emotions.

Psychological studies have found that emotional stress causes the body cortisol levels rise, and stimulate the desire for delicious snacks. Besides that,influenced by emotions, people are more likely to choose the high calories and high fat food such as cookies, cakes and chocolate . This phenomenon is more apparent in women, because they are more easier to feel stress and exhaustion of body and mind in the work life of women are more likely to “emotional eating”, thus the poor eating habits that lead to obesity, and are harmful to health.

“Emotional eating”, refers to the dietary patterns or habits in daily life according to the change of mood, a sudden change at the same time is often used to balance or meet the need of the mood,at most situation,it is not because of hunger. Especially in unhappy, tension, stress, anxiety and other negative emotional state which results in particularly wanting to eat something, but it is difficult to control. Research data shows that 52% of women have severe symptoms “emotional eating”, but in men, the rate is only 20%. Moreover, the fat people are more likely to show the “emotional eating” symptoms. In addition to that, the symptoms of depression women ignore the trend to strengthen the diet, while for the men, the above factors effect is not obvious.

In fact, we know, emotional eating cannot solve the problem of people in real life and emotion, it will aggravate the instability of emotions. So, how to deal with this phenomenon? Psychological experts are given the following advice:

1, find out the reason of emotional eating

Whatever the reason is, eat a big meal may be a good way to temporarily eliminate melancholy. However, finally they will always feel guilty for this kind of behavior and fall into pain. Not eating is a conditioned response when hungry, which is likely to disappear also likely to happen again. For example, you find yourself in a state of emotional eating. To cope with this situation, it is necessary to determine the cause of your depression and cause you to eat of time, theme or atmosphere. May you depressed because of the weather; Also maybe your parents call you bring the confusion of thoughts; also maybe have trouble at work or friends make you not happy.

2, to respond to different mood

Once you have determined the cause of the your depression, you will be able to make other different reactions to your mood. Maybe you are willing to give those who care about your family and friends a phone call. Or you can spend Bai Tianhua time drinking tea or coffee while enjoy the sunset. Maybe you will also find that walking and listening to music will be very helpful to you. The key point is that eating is not the best way to eliminate depression, especially when you control your weight. Unless you understand the cause of your emotional eating, you can’t learn to respond to its change. When you want to eat to keep himself in high spirits, you must think twice. You have plenty of other options, part of them may play a more lasting effect to eliminate depression.

3, pay attention to their emotions

Depression will do harm to your health and seriously affect long-term happiness. Therefore, to pay attention to their own feeling, and pay close attention to time and reasons for it. If you often feel tired, you need to look for something which are lacking in from your life spirit height. If you are depressed, you can try to regard it as the root of the thing, you can think of to get help from it. If it’s because of the fact that life’s boring and tired, then you can create the fun of life.

4, satisfy their spiritual needs

In life we will encounter all sorts of problems. Take some time to consider the following questions: what can guide us through hard times? What would help our constant efforts? In our life on the road again how constantly transcend ourselves? Thinking of these questions is very important for you. Spend some time in considering his mental problems, which will be great help for you thought of peace. The most important of all, you have to know love’s the gift which life give you. Everyone, including you, is likely to encounter difficulties, but you have to be happy, love, and the wonderful moment in life is full of hope, not to become depressed because of worry. Don’t be nervous, leisurely enjoy the love the life bring for you , and to accept the challenge that life gives you.

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