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A Healthy Mind Can Resolve Various Damage

A Healthy Mind Can Resolve Various Damage

A healthy mind, even a good wish, can prevent the body disease occurred in some extent.

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, recently I saw a researcher do an interesting survey: As the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the mortality of Chinese living in California is unusually low. Actually, it is 35 percent lower than normal. However, the mortality is 35 percent higher than former. The Mid Autumn Festival makes no changes in overall numbers.

The figure makes some medical experts puzzled, but we can find a clear message that a good wish to reunion at the Mid Autumn Festival can unexpectedly make a lot of people who had died before hold on during the festival.

It reminds me of a famous short story written by O Henry “the last piece of leaves”: a patient was lying in bed, desperately looking out of the window to see a bleak tree swept by autumn winds. Suddenly, he found a piece of green on that tree which hadn’t fall. The patient thought that when the leaf fall, and his life was over. So, he looked at the leaf all day, waiting for it to fall, and also quietly waiting for the end of his life. However, the leaves didn’t fall until the patient completely recovered, it still grew with jade. In fact, there are no leaves on the tree, and the leaves are painted by a painter.

Similarly, the scientists also found a similar phenomenon: in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Iraqi Scud missile attacks, doctors are digital and puzzled by it. At the first day of the attack, the mortality of Israel has increased sharply in the 60 percent, such as heart disease, stroke and other acute disease also increased significantly. In other words, many people did not die in the war, but died for the fear of war.

How much is the power of our mind? Maybe it has no correct answers. But at least we can understand a point that many physical illnesses are due to an unhealthy mind in today’s world.

On the contrary, a healthy mind, even a good wish, can temporarily prevent body disease. Our bodies, as is revealed in the earth which branches and trunk we can see. But our hearts are like roots deep in the earth, supporting the growth of trunk and branches.

As a tree with lush robust appearance, if its roots die, it will be blown down in the ground as long as facing strong wind or rain.

At the same, if human bodies lose the spirit nurse, when come across conficts , they will show all sorts of diseases, and even death, as the same of that tree.

Having experienced the change of divorce, some people will suffer from the disease, but some people do not. The reason is not from many kind of mental pressure but the attitudes to it.

When people are faced with various difficulties, the positive will leave away the hurt of their hearts. However, the depressed maybe induce a variety of diseases.

For example, there have been such a study, a group of healthy students will be encountered to write down all kinds of trouble, as well as the feelings of unfortunate things.

The results showed that the students who conscientiously carry out experiments are found have stronger immune system. Compared with the other group of students, their bodies are heathier in the next few weeks. So, to want to get real health, especially the health of the body, it is necessary to have a healthy mind. And if you want to have a healthy mind, you are supposed to have a right method to resolve various hurt from the outside world.

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