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“Forget things” is a kind of self-protection

“Forget things” is a kind of self-protection

If the time is long,forget some things . Don’t worry,According to the “cell” magazine recently reported,Research team at the University of Basel, Switzerland,People forget some of the things that may be a protective mechanism for the brain。In the process of evolution, most people will form a natural ability to forget.。The human mind will automatically empty the unimportant memories. if this function is affected, there will be a disorder of the brain function。

Researchers have found that there are different mechanisms in the human brain,A protein can stimulate neurite outgrowth, contributes to the maintenance of memory; On the other hand, Msi-1 protein inhibits the stability of these synapses and speed up memory delete. Maintaining a balance between the two proteins is important for memory storage. That is to say, most people’s memory and loss of balance in subtle.

In order to maintain the normal function of the brain, the human brain must not only have the storage capacity, but also forget, this is a natural biological mechanism, by removing unnecessary information memory will be removed, the nervous system is normal. This destructive process may lead to serious mental disease.

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