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What should do that intouerted doesn’t like talking? How to overcome introvert?

There’s many introverted in reality, they don’t like talking. And so many people of them pay attention to this question, if I want to overcome this question, what should I do?

Here is some suggestion that how to overcome introvert:

For the most part, Introvert is their children habits, it’s hard to change, if you see them active more and more, have try these methods:

1.To develop their self-confidence, everything would be OK with confident.

2.Give more encourage when they in troubles, and you should speak more positive story to let them catch sight one side of sunshine!

3.To make friend with positive people as possible as you can!

4.Let them participate in active exercises. They have sunshine feeling, and look things positive!

5.Don’t expose their shortcoming to peoples to avoid pessimistic.

6.Sometimes maybe you should debate a topic with them so that they will know fight it out how be to return a responsibility. And this may be helpful for adjusting the character, But quarrel should pay attention to skills.

7.Discuss with them when we have problems, and ask their advice!

8.You should understand them, especially when they have something unhappy. And you should create a right circumstance s to let them put these depressed out, it’s benefit for them to be relax.

9.Don’t ever change them when you get along with them, maybe you change yourself is a good ideal!

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