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Mental Illnesses in the Elderly

According to the survey of domestic psychological research institution, the scale of people suffering from cognitive function drop and dementia, psychological disorder, as well as anxiety disorder partly takes about ten percent, five percent and four percent is declining. This is the order of nature, so it is hard to reverse the process.

The absence of concern about accompanying the order results in many old man and woman getting themselves tail down and felling depressed. And because get into “negative incidents” in real life, for instance, their partners pass away, descendants are unsatisfied with jobs, and treat them without filial piety, they are not closely associated with them for making a life outward, in addition, the retiring former colleague and underling gradually become estranged and so on, the old can not find their value, and think themselves being abandoned by the society because of useless, so that their state of mind become worse.

In someone’s opinion, this is no satisfied things as grow older, so how could they become happy? It is a typical way of thinking that put feelings to life incidents, which seems reasonable. But if considering like this, it would be the results that “we must protect the old away from these things to keep them happy and healthy”. Is it real? The key point lies in it that it is an impractical and biased mode of thinking. In this way, the conclusion is always that the good mood and psychological health only depend others’ giving, it’s impossible to decide it themselves.

However, a viewpoint of pop psychology is that people’s feeling is not caused by the so-called “negative incidents” directly, but caused by the inappropriate attitudes toward such things. Although meeting same things, people have different thinking and feeing, as the society is not existed for someone, and the appearing of many things is not considered by someone’s will. You could have to change your mind if you can’t change the reality, or you would get enmeshed in a web of one’s spinning, and healthy beliefs would far away.

Here, enquiring psychological web suggests the old take more senior recreational exercise, foster their hobbies and interests, and they can take some anti-professional jobs if having spare energy to exert heat and enrich their life. At the same time, the younger generation should pay more attention to their psychological health, keep them company and chat with them to satisfy their affection need.

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