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why do I always feel so bad?

Case: zhang from grandma was in foster care in school came back to his parents, parents while meet the requirements of all substances to him, but not very care about him, emotionally and often criticized him, which formed the zhang timid character. Zhang has now almost thirty years old, although in her career, but has few friends, including a girlfriend. He’s always afraid of girl want him, so in front of the girls told him like always escape. He is very upset, why always feel not?

Analysis: the psychology of a rule that when children are small, if the parents ignore him and punish him, he will first feel oneself is bad, but parents don’t like it? Parents would conveyed to him the message: “you don’t obedient, so parents don’t like you.” Such children grow up, often timid, timid, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of being criticized, refused to try new things, interpersonal relations also can appear problem.

Such children, often envy other people’s parents give their children warm, blaming yourself, for your family feel inferior, feel your family is better than of others, oneself also is inferior to others, and that other people look down on yourself. Chamberlain had always wanted to go beyond inferiority, then work very hard in her career, although he has now emerged, but the glorious career can cover up the negative self evaluation, he still feel no good.

Girlfriend zhang can’t find the same psychological, girls have a favorable to him, he always escape, but he is afraid and girls were approached after girls find their weaknesses and abandon myself to you. But, if he don’t approach the girl, how could you fall in love? Advised zhang open his heart, with people sincerely, sincere get along with girls. Others don’t like his parents, he could seek to more constructive interpersonal relationships than childhood.

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