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How to improve thinking ability, memory enhancement effect

How positive thinking to improve the efficiency of memory? We believe that the main should pay attention to the following three points:
1 to think
Things are complicated, knowledge is not the time to think can be done. During the Yan’an period, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Comrade Mao Zedong wrote an inscription, he is pleased to write inscribed: “to think.” Comrade Mao Zedong said: “We should always use our brains and think about it, ask a few reasons.” It is said “Look before you leap line. “for memory activity, we can say, think twice, too, think twice and afterword, not satisfied with the time thinking, does not stop the occasional see repeated thinking to understand the knowledge, you will remember fast remember the prison.
2, ingenuity
We advocate to think, but it is not endless cranky, not a dead end. Ingenuity, is the flexibility to use the analysis and synthesis, abstraction and generalization, comparison with classified concrete found between the knowledge and the law of systematic thinking, intrinsic, inherent, non-human contact, in the mind in the building process of knowledge. The structure of knowledge are intrinsically linked “blocks” the knowledge of high-quality, easy to remember, this knowledge is also easy to use. Ingenuity, and should also have knowledge and prior knowledge of their own minds linked new knowledge into the existing knowledge of the system through the “assimilation” (forthcoming) and “regulation” ( the use of new knowledge to integrate existing old the two strategies of knowledge), so that the old and new knowledge to establish contact, the formation of new cognitive structure, this knowledge is also easy to remember.
3, Fine Thinking
Zhu Xi’s very particular about the “fine thinking”, he said: “… fine thinking, so that if Italy were for my Heart.” This sentence description, Fine Thinking is to digest, the truth of the book as speaking the truth same. Some people are not accustomed to refined thinking to meet roughly want to look at or think about something, and then, thinking is not fine how to do it? Zhu Xi said: righteousness is not fine, fine thinking can be refined. “Only through fine thinking to built a strong temporary neural connections in the cerebral cortex, in order to achieve the understanding, and the understanding of the most easy to remember.

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