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Correct inert psychology start a wonderful life

 From psychology the principles of operational response for base, after observation for human behavior, psychologists put forward such an improved way , in order to correct lazy way of life, and by the end of inert lifestyle and bring positive change throughout the life.

In general study and work life, we all may have such experience, when say wants to do something exactly, but after a long time you found that didn’t work; Or feel the strength not to come out; Or always feel that life is gray and depression and so on.

In this kind of situation reaction in the life, such as life seems is always haunted by an inert, we know that it is bad, but we don’t know where to start to change.

If you are interested in keep trying for a week this way, you will find your whole person will be different, if we can continue to adhere to this way , the lazy way of life will never close to you again, and you will get in life what would you like to achievement.

You can use the first day or two day to give yourself a behavior record, and write down what do you usually do every day, it includes records of all your life. So you remember even thick, about having dozens.

Then you put some of them , for example , you have a meal, etc must be done.

After that, you arrange the rest down dozens of things according to your interests, your most don’t like to do in the first place, what do you like best in the last place.

In the end, you can take actions in one week , every day in the morning, since you don’t like most things to start, and stick to the first thing, and then do the second thing… So the end always is the last one you like.

Throughout the process, you will feel a little hard at first, but you only have to spend a little effort just insist, you will be able to proceed smoothly. You must on the way not to jump the first to be don’t like to be like the plan.

This way is a form of reinforcement, after the completion of a tough thing to make a difficult thing, it is a kind of reinforcement for the effort in front, and then you continue to strengthen the effect will be more and more big, until you feel that you have the power to accomplish anything.

To change the lazy way of life, this way has very big effect. For the man who often depressed mood, this way of life will change of depression behavior directly, and make the depression mood easily end, but as long as insist, depression, way of life will never end.

By end of inert or depression, and end of inert or psychological depression.

If you try, you will find that this is what an interesting thing.

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