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Express more negative can facilitate communication

  When people communicating,some prefer to expressing their emotion,some prefer to suppress their emotion,which is better?Psychologists did an experiment to improve it.

  They put a pair of “lady first approximately as mutual introduction, let the lady sit on the ends of a partition from 2 meters away. The experimenter explained, the purpose of the study is to better understand the process of dialogue, told participants will measure their blood pressure, and recorded the video dialogue. Participants can through a monitor to see and her communication with each other, but not directly see the other me. Subjects were seated, look at the 3 minutes of the film, it is in order to be able to detect their normal blood pressure. In order to produce a both a negative emotional experience, are just a 16 minute documentary war. (before this, have the data show that this video is can cause the people hate, anger and sadness of negative emotion that experience, and a strong political and religious views.)

Next, the experimenter gave the participants were randomly assigned to three groups of conditions to: depression group, rethink the evaluation group, and control group. Assigned to the depressed group to people, accept the command: “in the dialogue process next, please don’t show any signs of, let your partner know how you feel.” Be assigned to rethink the evaluation group to people, accept the command: “in the dialogue process next, think about what you want, should be a calm, no passion.” Assigned to the control group to the people to hear the instruction is a piece of music.

Then, the experimenters would remove the diaphragm, let this space of the participants of the discussion of face to face to discuss their thoughts and feelings of human nature, as well as their religious and political beliefs. Participants can free end dialogue, dialogue at the end, to put on the partition, the participants filled in the questionnaire about the emotional experience in a separate room. Their conversation was recorded on video, by trained people on their behavior expression code.

Comparison of the video can be seen, depressed makes individual conversations on some be absent-minded, in the process of dialogue reaction reduced than the beginning, elevated blood pressure. Therefore, depressed for communication is bad, but, in the physiological also generates pressure.

This is a laboratory for the study of the results, but the depression and emotional control are two different things, depression does not seem to be beneficial to the communication between two people, but the emotional control is not necessarily the case. Usually said “cool”, refers to a kind of emotional control, not depressed. A mature individual need self-discipline is a kind of control of their extreme emotional outburst, but not to communicate with others to deliberately suppress their emotional experience. Expression of negative emotions appropriate is advantageous to both sides of communication.

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