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Let’s put aside fear, intimate relationship

Avoid it, the more it was cruel, only you despise it, challenge it, it is possible, as long as the machine have such confidence and determination, might as well to learn from the following several recruit outstanding.

The first recruit: the empty chair.

Put some empty chair at home, a represents “I”, the representative of the other you are those who are afraid of contacts such as parents, colleagues, one of the opposite sex, imagine a scene, you contact you for a while sitting in the “I” chair play themselves, a while sitting in the chair play others, others to “I” to talk, feel each other’s state of mind.

This game seems to be very funny, but if you can providing a try at home, can benefit gradually, and the role to imitate the more like, show more thoroughly, eliminate the fear of the better the results.

The second recruit: system desensitization law.

First take the initiative to talk to relatives and close friends, try to choose relaxed happy topic, requests itself slowly raised his head to see each other.

Then force yourself to anywhere there are a lot of people every day, look at the face for at least 15 minutes, the original once a day, and later to twice a day, at first you may heart panic, whole body sweating, did not dare to look up, but must insist, pondered over and over again it’s not terrible, the use of deep breathing for relaxation, which can overcome the fear, and record how long it takes to overcome. As long as your teeth look after about 5 to 7 minutes, terror will reduce gradually.

Can increase gradually to the crowd after the number of times, and extend to time, when you see the man is should disappear after returning to normal life, study and work, normally with people.

Three recruit: deepen the cognition method.

Observing diary focuses on observing people around every day words and deeds manner and attitude to you, maybe you will find that others do every thing, don’t pay special attention to you, care about your behavior. You again respectively investigate two colleagues or classmates and two opposite sex friend on your evaluation, you will find many all don’t know your advantages.

The fourth recruit: imagine relaxation.

Imagine the most want to see again afraid to see people or people who want to avoid doesn’t shy away from the suddenly appeared in front of you, experience tension, then relax, after repeated several times, can be expanded such adaptation to reality.

Last resort: self-adaptation method.

Overcome self-abased, no probably don’t have to deal with everything well, harsh, more to master some skills in communication with others. One day you will find yourself could also be without fear, close to get along with people, good communication!

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