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Women have more sleep problems than men because of their sensitive minds

A reporter surveyed four public hospitals and found that there are 30 people, on average, go to the doctor per day in city area because they have insomnia. And 10 percents to 20 percents of them life rely on drugs to sleep. The doctor who received the report says that the number of female patients is more than male patients who have insomnia.

Female are more easily to have insomnia

The neurology director Xu of the Gongbei Hospital said, “The amount of insomnia is increasing.” He also said that Insomnia medical consultations at present is about 10 people and the amount of the patients are increasing. The same data in The municipal people’s hospital is also 10, and the provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhuhai branch and The Fifth Hospital of Zhongshan University are also five or six people on average.

Doctor Wong from the Fifth Hospital of Zhongshan University said that insomnia patients who come for cure, the amount of females is more than males. The doctor from Gongbei Hospital also said that two thirds of the patients are females. He also thought that women are more easily to have insomnia under the influence of physiological menopause and exquisite psychological and thinkings.

Young are easily to have insomnia

Young are more to have insomnia compare with the old and the children. Doctor Zhuo from municipal people’s hospital says that young people who age from twenty to thirty are the seventy percents of the insomnia. Doctor from the Fifth Hospital of Zhongshan University says patients come to cure are focused on twenty to forty years old. Patients of Gongbei Hospital are main of the young.

It’s not necessary to rely on the drugs

Several days ago, a patient came to Gongbei Hospital and said to the doctor that he had just taken five pills of tranquillizer but still could’t fall asleep. Director Xu says commons take these drugs only one or two pills, and cause the patient rely on the drugs for a long time, the dose of the drug is increase, and they have to rely on those tranquillizer drugs to sleep for life.

Doctor Xu also says that it’s a wrong concept that many patients ask the doctor not to prescribe tranquillizer afraid of rely on those drugs. And he says it is necessary to take some calm drug in treatment, and it won’t make people life rely on the drugs.

Insomnia is divided into two kinds

Director of the spirit of the department of internal medicine of Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhuhqi branch says, insomnia have two kinds named occasional sleeplessness and stubborn sleeplessness. The first one always need half month to cure and the last always need several months even more.

The doctors say that insomnia related to the express ,chronic diseases and irregular daily lives. They also suggest the public that they should take more  outer activities , communicate with others and go to the hospital in time when have illness. On time schedule can also help the healthy sleep.

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