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How to eliminate the inferiority complex

Serious inferiority complex cause people psychopath, to bring the spirit of the burden of learning and living. We want to try to guide college students to eliminate these unnecessary inferiority complex.
First, a correct understanding of their own to improve the ability of self-evaluation. To know how to discover their own strengths, assured of their own achievements, while a correct view of others, must not take yourself too useless and others see the perfect. Sometimes, in order to improve the self-confidence and appropriate to pick a pick good people than their problems, but also necessary.
Second, as much as possible to make up for their own inadequacies. A person’s height, looks very difficult to change, but the ability, expertise by efforts to obtain. For example, others basketball play well, sing well, his own body, his voice reach, do not lose heart, you can choose to practice calligraphy, painting, writing, if sustained, will certainly be successful. Award-winning painting competitions, Logout their articles in newspapers, journals, not only can add their own pleasure and confidence, but also to win the praise of others, over time, their own also can become a social circle “heavyweight” role. Chinese psychologists]
Third, a positive self-suggestion, self-encouragement. Never negatively in social situations implying that he: I can not fail, failed how to do? Positive psychological suggestion: To my line, and is sure to succeed. Studies have shown that regular positive psychological implications of increased social self-confidence is very good. Psychology
Fourth, timely freed from the shadow of social failure. Interpersonal inevitable setbacks and failures, the important thing is to sum up the experience and lessons learned, cut do not always indulging in memories of failure, do not moan and groan, feeling sorry for yourself responsible to bring affordable, let go as soon as possible to get rid of the failure with trouble to pull themselves together, bravely into new social activities

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