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How to Self Promote Yourself

How self-promotion, this is a very real problem. University graduates are aware, job success and failure, not only with the level of knowledge and skills, but also whether it will be “self-promotion” relevant. College students’ knowledge and skills, poor “self-promotion”, the job is not easy. Well, college graduates how “self-promotion” means?
First, it is necessary to search for career information, and knowledge of related disciplines accordance with the requirements of employers review
Government agencies and more formal enterprises in the selection of staff and workers, “written tests” and “interview”. Could not pass the written test and interview relevant candidates, there is no chance of being admitted.
Second, rely on to meet supply and demand “excellent” self-expression “win the heart of the recruit staff
For this reason, it must be adequately show their strengths and characteristics. “Humble” the virtues of the Chinese nation, but never formulaic on the surface to pursue modest. The many students misinterpreted humble habituation, formulaic deny their own strengths and characteristics, examination Palace said, “Your performance is pretty good,” he said “Nothing, except that the exam when blind misty on”; examiner asked: “You knew what expertise some candidates own expertise, but also said he” no expertise, only point small hobby they always say big small, the novel without denying their own advantages and expertise. “modest “students” self-promotion “is extremely unfavorable to know that the vast majority of recruiters do not want to” humble gentleman “, but you want to” talented “talent.
Third, must be confident
To know, lack of self-confidence makes an eloquent tongue-tied, and would make a talented become mediocre, will make a pre-prepared also panicked. Do not see many job seekers of certain duties deterioration, do not see their competitors are graduates of prestigious universities and ashamed, do not own educated than others blush. A job, to get rid of that “I was able to get this post?” The others look stronger than me “negative attitudes and ideas, establish a” irrespective of the outcome of competition, I must do my best, courage victory of self-confidence.

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