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How can I get a positive attitude

In order to have a positive attitude to overcome the negative sense of loss, and can be used in some psychological tips:
Change your idiom
Do not say, “I’m tired,” say “busy day, and now I feel really relaxed”; Do not say how they do not think of a way? “Would say,” I know I will be how to do “. Do not complain endlessly, to try to give credit; Do not say why look on me? “Say” test me! “Not to mention” The world is a mess, to say “I want to put its own house somehow” .
As a volunteer
When depressed, visit orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals, and look at the world in addition to their own pain, how much misfortune. If the emotions still not calm, actively seek to contact these people to transfer their emotions to help other people, and thus restore confidence. Usually just change the environment, will be able to change their state of mind and feelings.
Listen to pleasant music
Do not keep staring at the reports of catastrophic events. Looking through the front page is enough to read the newspapers. Do not waste time reading the tragic news. On the road to listen to MP3. Possible, sharing a meal and a positive attitude. Do not sit in front of the TV at night, the time to chat and the people you love.
The courage to face the change
Normal life changes, each change, always encounter strange and unexpected surprises. Do not hide, to make itself more cowardly. On the contrary, we must dare to cope with danger, things never seen before, to come up with confidence.
Positive thinking
Fantasy, thinking, talking, implying that he in good health. Positive self-talk to myself every day, do not dwell on these small problems, like colds, headaches, bruises, cramps, and some minor injuries. If you pay too much attention to these small problems, they will become your best friend, often “greetings” you.
Engaged in useful entertainment
To travel to watch the natural beauty, Kandie, pick people laugh entertainment film, a romantic love story, positive inspirational film.

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